How to Find a Great Towing Service Near Me

Towing Service's Tow Truck

When a vehicle needs to be moved and this cannot be done on its own power, there are many resources which will help a consumer find the appropriate towing service to take care of their vehicle move in a safe and professional manner. There are more ways than ever to research and find the best service for the job.

Word of Mouth

If time is not of importance, calling one's friends and colleagues for their opinion can be a useful way to find a local towing company. You just say something like, "Can you recommend a towing service near me?" Sometimes a few viewpoints can be very instructive.

Phone Directory

Your paper telephone directory should have a section for classified ads by business type. Look in the appropriate section, and check out which options are available. The largest ad does not always offer the best service, and you should not discount the services of those companies who only have small text ads. Trust your judgement when calling round to obtain prices, and go with the service you feel most comfortable.

Mobile Directory App (for phone or computer)

Most telephone companies will have an app for finding directory services. Usually, those services are listed in order from nearest to farthest, so it can be easy to find the closest source of a vehicle tow. Often smart phone directory apps will allow you to click on the telephone number while inside the app and dial without closing the program.

Internet Search

The telephone companies have websites for directory assistance. You can navigate to their directory page or often times find a third party directory which is current and useful. In Google search you can type, "find a towing service near me" and it can pinpoint the nearest service if you have your location detection enabled. Similarly, you will be able to type in key words such as "towing near" and your area, and it may even provide you with web sites for the most local towing companies.

Auto Service Club or Motor Association

Calling your auto club assistance line will put you in touch with the services provided as part of your membership fee. When you are connected to an operator you ask them, "Could you please send a towing service near me to pick up my car?" and they will first confirm that you are at the side of the road or somewhere safe, not injured, and will be waiting with your car when the towing lorry arrives. Generally, the auto club amenities are for emergencies only, although with some extended plans towing from one place to the next is possible in addition to from the scene of a breakdown to a local garage.